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It's all about nation re-building.

Whether it’s making existing process and policy work better, or creating something new, all of our projects, in one way or another, are about nation re-building.  Here is a sample of what we do:


Planning & Decision-Making


Planning and decision-making are two sides of the same coin.  Both are essential to effective governance.  We love these projects because they are all about the future and finding the practical path forward.  We bring competent facilitation, a little fun, and a lot of tact and diplomacy to this work.


Social Innovation and Inter-governmental Collaboration


Social innovation is a methodology for tackling complex social challenges like poverty and racism.  Implementing social innovation requires, among other things, new relationships between governments and organizations.  We enjoy the creative, collaborative nature of this work and the way in which Indigenous controlled research can lead to transformative changes in our communities.  

Independent Issue Identification & Evaluation


Sometimes an outside, independent review can help clear a log jam in your ability to move important initiatives forward.  We provide confidential assessments that lead to practical plans for your leadership team.  We bring an objective, non-confrontational approach to this work that can build consensus for moving forward. 

  • Métis Nation of BC – Early Learning Implementation Strategy

  • Champagne & Aihishik First Nations – Citizen Services for Self-Determination

  • Nuxalk Nation – Strengthening Governance Capacity for Stewardship

  • Lower Stl’atl’imx Tribal Council – Governance Assessment & Recommendations

  • HEDC – Corporate Governance Assessment & Recommendations

Negotiation Support


To have success, negotiation teams require a defined mandate, clear roles and responsibilities, internal policy and accountability, and sound fiscal projections.  We assist Indigenous nations to establish negotiations and provide support to drive progress toward your objectives.  We enjoy being part of a team and working behind the scenes for your success.


Curriculum Development and Workshops


These projects involve the development and delivery of workshops or courses tailored for a wide range of audiences.  We’ve done accredited university-level courses, courses for Indigenous organizations, and community-tailored workshops.  All of them are enjoyable as we endeavour to make the learning fun, engaged, and meaningful to your particular needs and interests.


  • First Nation Public Service Secretariat – Curriculum Development for “Leadership Roles and Responsibilities Workshop” and “Community Engagement for Nation Building Workshop”

  • Naut’sa Mawt Tribal Council – Governance Advisory Services and Nation Building Workshops

  • University of Victoria – Instructor, Diploma of Indigenous Community Development & Governance

  • Metlakatla First Nation – Council Governance Workshop 

  • UBC Ch’nook Indigenous Business Education – Development and Delivery of “Ethics in First Nations Governments” Course

  • University of Victoria – Course Development:  ICDG 301 “Governance in Indigenous Communities”, ICDG 303 “Land, Resources, Economic Development”, and ICDG 308 “Financial Management in First Nation Governments” 

  • Aboriginal Financial Officers Association – “Performance Measurement Workshop” and “Best Practices in First Nation Administration” Workshops

  • Squiala First Nation; Lhtako Dene First Nation; Gitsegukla First Nation; Quatsino First Nation; Snuneymuxw First Nation; Lil’wat Nation; Cooks Ferry Band – Chief and Council Workshops

Policy Development


Creating and implementing policy is an important aspect of good governance.  Our work tends to support nations strengthening their governing capacity by improving decision-making or creating new governance processes outside of the Indian Act.



Harriet's work on collaborative land and visitor use management is a great example of how innovative thinking and processes can facilitate reconciliation."  

Theresa Fresco - Fraser Basin Council

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