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We like working for people who share our values, our sense of humour, and who are the heart and soul of Indigenous resurgence.

At Sheldon Tetreault Consulting, our passion is supporting advances in Indigenous jurisdiction and control.  We do this work for deeply personal reasons:  our values, our connection to other Indigenous people, and for our desire to see Indigenous people and nations succeed.  We like working for people who share our values, our sense of humour, and who are the heart and soul of Indigenous resurgence.  We want to be on the side of real change, not those fighting to maintain the status quo.


As a result, we mostly work with Indigenous governments and organizations. Sometimes this includes nation-based development corporations and not-for-profit societies.  We often work with hereditary chiefs, matriarchs, elected councils, and citizens – regardless of where they live.  


We also work with local governments and post-secondary institutions committed to social justice and decolonization.  We are open to working with diverse stakeholders if we can make progress on shared objectives.  

What sets us apart
What sets us apart:


Our knowledge, experience, and reputation for delivering results sets us apart.  

What sets us apart:


We know what we are good at and we don’t dabble in things that aren’t in our wheel-house.  

What sets us apart:


Everything we deliver is designed specifically for you - nothing is pre-packaged and there are no templates.  

What sets us apart:


We keep our overhead low so you aren’t paying for a fancy corporate office in downtown Vancouver.  

What sets us apart:


We will never use your money to have junior staff learn on the job.  

What sets us apart:


We don’t work for corporate interests.

What sets us apart:


Sheldon Tetreault Consulting is a 100% Indigenous owned, federally incorporated company.  


Sheldon is a great asset to any complex negotiation.  His skill set and perspective has been incredibly valuable for the projects we've worked on together."  

John Watson - Head of Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat and Cabinet Committee on Aboriginal Affairs (retired)

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