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Knowledge, experience, and reputation for delivering results.

Sheldon Tetreault


Sheldon is the lead consultant and owner of Sheldon Tetreault Consulting Inc.  He is a citizen of the Métis Nation of British Columbia – with deep roots in the Métis and francophone communities of Manitoba.  Sheldon has a degree from Trent University in community development and a Master in Public Administration with a focus on Indigenous governments from the University of Victoria.  Over 25 years he has had the privilege of working with many Indigenous Nations across Canada.  Sheldon has a talent for working in complexity, understanding your vision and aspirations, and developing a concrete plan of action.  He brings an unparalleled level of strategic insight and practical experience to your projects. 


Visit Sheldon’s Linkedin profile.



Harriet VanWart 

Harriet VanWart provides strategic guidance to Sheldon Tetreault Consulting projects related to land and resource decision-making, environmental assessments, Indigenous constitutions, and impact/benefit negotiations.  Harriet has worked to support Indigenous self-determination and land rights for over 25 years.  She has a Master of Indigenous Governance from University of Victoria and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Dialogue and Negotiation from Simon Fraser University. 

Visit Harriet’s Linkedin profile.



Riel Tetreault 

Riel Tetreault provides research guidance and support to Sheldon Tetreault Consulting.  Riel has a Master’s in Economics from the University of British Columbia and has experience working with Indigenous Nations and organizations on research and engagement projects.  



Isaac Tetreault 

Isaac provides support to Sheldon Tetreault Consulting projects using research, analysis, and report writing skills.  Currently Isaac is completing his undergraduate degree in Anthropology & Sociology.  With a minor in film, Isaac also brings a critical eye to media and marketing projects.  

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