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Strategic Planning – A Best Practice

Developing a strategic plan is a solid investment in the governance capacity of your nation. This is not just our opinion; it is the findings of other research-based organizations like the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development and the Native Nations Institute. In essence, strategic planning, strategic thinking, and strategic decision-making have been proven to be one of the fundamental best practices undertaken by successful tribes.

Why? Because developing a strategic plan is an important act of self-determination. It’s your plan; not the plan of Indigenous Services or any other Crown entity or corporate interest. Strategic planning is for the future and it is reflective of the needs and aspirations of your citizens. As you develop your plan you will affirm the vision of the community, prioritize objectives to accomplish the vision, and sets out the values that are critical to maintain on the journey. As many others have said, a strategic plan acts like a road map to identify the route to a better future.

Developing a strategic plan is a great investment to make in your nation-building efforts.


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