Self-government is a journey...

... and a process of community development. Through countless generations, First Nations exercised sovereign authority over their lands and their people. Today, aboriginal people want greater control over their lives. In recent decades, First Nations in Canada are making determined efforts to rebuild contemporary governments on the foundation of traditions. Many have been successful; yet others ask, where should we begin? We are committed to support your efforts, no matter where your nation is situated on its unique journey.
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Aboriginal Governance Matters

Sheldon Tetreault Consulting Ltd. is an aboriginal consulting firm whose area of practice focuses strictly on governance. We provide advisory services to First Nations at both the strategic and practical level. Our vision is for First Nations to exercise their inherent authority over their lands and people under institutions of their own choice and design. Our mission is to strengthen governance through capable institutions, culturally appropriate policy and accountable leadership.  


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About Us

We work with your team to address complex governance issues challenging your community...
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Case Studies

Our case studies highlight specific projects &/or policy work we have undertaken in recent years. They are provided to offer clients additional context and insight into the services we offer.
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